Pomì trace - sistema di tracciabilità on line della filiera pomì

The project objectives are to satisfy customers through the clear identification of actors, operative settings, involved skills and context of production. Identification of the specific responsibilities and registration og material flow. Improving the protection of consumers through easily accessible forms of communication that allow to obtain important information about the history of the product.

On the website www.pomionline.it, in the section called Traceability  Pomì Trace" the consumer has the choice of the 10 commercial products branded "Pomì". Subject to the provision of identificating data shown on the package such as a batch, production time, you can trace back the factory of production, the packaging line, the municipality of origin of fresh tomatoes, and eventually to the agricultural farms. Google Satellite also allows the location of the farm on a map. The growing interest of consumers not only with regard to the certainty of Italian product origin but also to identify the geographical area of production. Strenths are the speed of communication and the quality of data provided. Through a dedicated and specific software all the information related to the stages of growing tomatoes from seed to a single box  are retrieved. Innovative characteristics: It is the first large-scale system used in the tomato industry, usable by the final consumer, able to trace the source of the contents of more than 30 million units produced in 4 different plants, originting from approximately 300  agricultural farms.

Barriers and Drivers
Potential barriers are higher prices related to product traceability and limited market demand, while drivers are fidelisation of consumers and higher brand awareness, potential savings in terms of transportation, commercialisation. 

Economic Performance
Provide added value to products.

Social Performance
Give added value to the finished product and to all the actors  along the production chain. Promote consumer awareness regarding purchase of products with reduced environmental impact.

Environmental Impact
Give evidence of "Pomì's"short-chain-brand-products with special emphasis on vicinity of farms to the tomato processing plants.

Minor use of conventional energy
Decrease in pollutant discharges
Better use of existing infrastructure
Reduction on transportation

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