Energy efficient circulating pumps for heating systems

Improved circulating pumps consume up to 80% less electricity than conventional models. By combining electronically optimised motors with an improved impeller design, the efficiency can be enhanced from at best 24% to 40% A frequency converter enables a pump regulation adapted to different capacities and applications, which leads to further energy savings.

Barriers and Drivers

- high manufacturing costs
- installations contractor or boiler manufacturer decide on pump referring to product price not life-cycle costs
- cannot be installed afterwards
- increasing fuel costs
- more than 100 million circulators in EU27 - about 2 million in Germany annually need repair or replacement
- KfW-Bankengruppe supports anticipated replacement

Economic Performance

The initiatial costs of around 300 EUR amortise within only two years in a single family dwelling through energy savings. During an average life-span of circulator, savings up to 500 EUR can be achieved.
Innovative circulating pumps have good prospects in the export market and provide competitive adavantages for the European pump industry. The dependence on foreign energy sources and the effects of price fluctuations in international energy markets decline.

Social Performance

Energy savings loweercost of housing and leave tenants with more spending money in the purse. Optimised pumps are less noisy due to the frequency converter.

Environmental Impact

A new pump consumes up to 80% less energy compared to conventional models. Implementing this new energy saving pump technnology as European standard for circulators would save more than 60% of the circular annual electricity use, that is more than 30TWh. These savings amount to CO2-reductions of more than 15 million tons per year.

Further Information

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