The SkySail system consists of three parts: towing kite with a towing rope, a launch and recovery system and the control system. According to the producer, the system is able to realise an effective load of 8-16 tons (eight tons of effective load correspond to the engine performance of 600 up to 1000 kw, depending on the ships characteristics). The system doesn`t require a large storage space and extra personell, so that the financial amortisation is given after three to five years. The system can be installed on almost every kind of ship, thus the overall potential of fuel savings and emission reduction is high.

Barriers and Drivers
Barriers: The achieved fuel savings can vary, depending on the wind conditions. Also safety issues are a potential risk, because SkySails operates beneath 800 meters outside of the controlled airspace. Due to the size and weigth of of the kySails, it is so far only installed on specific ships (e.g. cargo vessels).

Drivers: Due to the increasing crude oil prices and stricter emissions regulation for ships, there are rising operational costs for the shipping industry. By using the SkySail system, these operational costs can be reduced. 

Environmental Impact
Studies confirm emissions between 10 to 35 % per ship as a result of using the SkySail system, in optimal consitions even a reduction of 50 percent could be reached.

Further Information

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