Slim slabs

The Cobiax Technologies GmbH of Darmstadt has developed components that make reinforced concrete slabs up to 35% lighter. The principle of the Cobiax flat slab is to leave out as much concrete as possible whilst maintaining the full flexural strength of the slab and allowing a bi-axial load transfer. The Cobiax cage modules are either directly built into the semi-precast slab elements in the precast factory and delivered to site as a whole or only placed on the semi-precast slab elements on the construction site. In both cases the top reinforcement can be directly laid on the Cobiax cage modules which act as wire chairs. The hollow bodies are made of recycled plastic to replace the heavy concrete inside a reinforced concrete ceiling. Thus less excavation is required. The quality does not decrease: The flat slab has the same mechanical load bearing behaviour as a solid flat plate slab. Up to 35% concrete and 20% steel can be saved with this technology.

Economic Performance
The technology contributes to cost effectiveness by concrete and reinforcement steel savings, reduced floor-to-floor height and eased retrofitting of buildings.

Environmental Impact
It is estimated that  total of over 17,000 tons of concrete and reinforcing steel are used less in Germany. Up to 20% emissions of carbon dioxide and other environmentally toxic pollutants are saved.

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