Closing The Eco-Innovation Gap

ClosingTheGapThe 2011 annual report of the Eco Innovation Observatory, 'Closing The Eco-Innovation Gap - An economic opportunity for business', is now published and available for download.

This second annual report of the EIO looks at evidence of the economic benefits from eco-innovation. It argues that eco-innovation in European companies is an opportunity for strategic investment rather than only seeking regulatory compliance. Importantly, changes introduced by companies have the potential to become one of drivers of the systemic change needed to meet the EU’s vision of a sustainable economy.

This report addresses the following questions:

- What is the scope for cost savings through resource efficiency in European companies?
- Where are the current and future opportunities for generating profit through eco-innovation?
- How are policies supporting eco-innovation evolving across the EU and what types of policy measures are used to support eco-innovation?

aDownloadDownload the Full Report Here

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Please note Table 2.2 in the report has been corrected in the version published on 22 March 2012

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