New more efficient and sustainable wind turbine tower

Ruukki has developed a long-lasting and recyclable concept for special steel products that are light and cost-effective. In 2010, the company began to apply its sustainable steel concept on development of wind power farms, and it developed a new type of wind turbine tower solution that enables higher hub heights – available from 100 to 160 metres increasing the energy output by 40-50%.

Ruukki (Rautaruukki Corporation) was established already in 1960, and it has developed a long expertise in construction and engineering solutions with strong know-how in special steels. The company has a wide-range of solutions and services relating to lighter structures, lower energy costs and efficient energy production. The company has operations in around 30 countries, and it has integrated the principles of sustainable development and corporate responsibility as an integral part of  the business.

Ruukki's steel products are high strength and wear resist that are light, recyclable and have short construction times. The R&D activities of the company are concentrated on energy efficiency and productivity, which have resulted in wind turbine towers. The tower is built with open, lattice structure that is light, more energy-efficient and easy to dismantle and re-use.

Barriers and Drivers

Drivers: The wind turbine towers can be benefited also by inland wind conditions due to its variable heights and the higher towers are more efficient . The solution is a non-stop consisting of tower design, foundation, steel structure, erection, tower maintenance and recycling.

Economic Performance

Cost-efficient: long life-cycle, high quality and energy-efficient but reasonably priced.

Social Performance

Lattice structure is easier on the eye as it blends better in environment.

Environmental Impact

The light and recyclable structure contributes to raw material savings through the cradle-to-cradle concept as well as to fuel savings in logistics. It is also more energy-efficient (higher energy output and less energy consuming to produce than heavier structures), and thus produces less CO2 emissions. 

Further Information

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