Třebič, Biomass Heating Plant

Already from 2001 TTS started to concentrate on renewable sources for the production of heat. Currently they operate a unique heat delivery system. From three main sources they supply heat and hot water to the majority of the inhabitants of Třebíč. It secures the supply of heat for households, primary schools, kindergartens, Třebíč hospital, Vltavínská health centre, care homes, manufacturing firms and other customers. Supplies of heat are made up to 90% from a central heat source for more than 9,700 households. In the heating plants TTS burns bio-mass mainly in the form of wood chips and bales of straw. Used biomass is mainlz the waste. By combusting bio-mass TTS works exclusively at a very high level of efficiency, which results from the use of modern boiler technology and the other equipment, headed by a wholly new Swedish waste heat condenser.

Economic Performance

Stable and relatively low price of heat.
The price of heat energy from an HDS has been among the lowest in the Czech Republic for a long time, thanks above all to the creation of heat energy in a combined way and the use of domestic fuels  in the best case, bio-mass. Remote heating has brought, and will continue to bring, cost savings to the consumer in comparison with other methods of heating.

Social Performance

It requires no investment in the customer's own boiler, nor any maintenance costs. The consumer has no worries about securing heated comfort in his building.

Environmental Impact

Thanks to transition from brown coal and natural gas combustion to biomass, air quality has
improved significantly in the city of Trebic and thus the quality of life for local population.
Besides, local renewable energy source is used  and  carbon dioxide emissions are reduced.

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