Small wastewater treatment plant separating sludge by using a submerged membrane module

Development of activation wastewater treatment plant with submerged membranes useful for the treatment of wastewater from small sources of pollution. The technology of wastewater treatment using submerged membrane for a separation of activated sludge from the treated water is very powerful, causing a high quality of runoff, ensuring hygienization of water, i.e. removal of viruses and bacteria. The project dealt with the choice of material of membranes, verification of their permeability, the mode of operation, washing and regeneration.

The development and manufacture of wastewater treatment plant should be extended on this principle in the CR. Implemented under the TANDEM program to support science and research.The development was ensured by the ENVI-PUR, s.r.o. company– provision of supply capacity, ensuring the trial operation, laboratory tests - together with Brno University of Technology. The use of this technology is assumed to be extended significantly.

Economic Performance
minimizing operating costs

Environmental Impact
High-quality wastewater treatment, minimizing operating costs by automating the full wastewater treatment. Possibility of re-use of treated wastewater as supply water.

Further Information

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