oXygen - Energy efficient and smart radiator

In Oxygen, Jaga has developed a Low-H2O radiator with an intelligent air-replacement system. In case of high level of CO2 and humidity the stale air indoors is rapidly replaced by clean air from outside. A filter system ensures that dust, pollen, and bacteria don’t get in. Jaga Oxygen is not just ventilation. The air supply system is incorporated inside an attractive Low-H2O designer radiator. Combined with heating, this ensures a pleasant draught-free temperature throughout the year. Monitored, balanced ventilation, which supplies only clean air when it is needed, keeps noise out and saves energy.

In a great many of today’s well insulated buildings, ventilation leaves much to be desired. Too much CO2 in the air indoors can lead to many complaints such as headaches, aggression, nausea and impaired concentration. In addition, high humidity means condensation. An ideal breeding ground for mildew and the dreaded dust mite. Opening a window for ventilation is not a good solution. The outside air that flows in is not always clean and an unnecessary amount of heat escapes through an open window – to say nothing of the noise and security risk.
oXygen system of Jaga company offers the solution in form of a monitored, balanced ventilation, which supplies only clean air when it is needed, keeps noise out and saves energy. Another benefit is Oxygen’s energy-saving nature. The amount of ventilation depends on how stale the air is in every individual room, hence rooms with clean air are not ventilated unnecessarily. Research shows that the system has a beneficial effect on a building’s energy performance. In the Netherlands, this has resulted in a significant improvement in the Energy Performance Coefficient from 0.15 to 0.20. This means that energy consumption falls by 15 to 20%, saving money and the environment.

Barriers and Drivers
there are no known barriers to these innovative product. It is gaining success in the Belgian and international markets.   

Economic Performance
intellegent design (no unnesessary ventilation) allows energy and money saving

Environmental Impact
Better air quality was insured by the fact that there is no central supply ducts (which can accumilate dirt) but instead the system has a direct admission of air to each room

Further Information

link: http://www.jaga.be/oxygen/

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