Flue gas condenser for biomass boilers

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Installation of the flue gas cooling and condensation equipment after a woodchip boiler allows increasing the efficiency of the boiler house by using the thermal energy of the outgoing flue gases. The flue gas condenser transfers heat from the flue gases to the water of a separate group.

With an experience of nearly 20 years JSC Komforts is the leader of thermal power industry in Latvia specializing in design, manufacturing, assembly and servicing of thermal power station equipment and boiler houses. The basic activity profile of the company includes designing, production, and installation of biomass boiler plant equipment.
In 2010, JSC Komforts completed a project – delivery and installation of flue gas cooling and condensation equipment for woodchip boiler in Ludza (Latvia) boiler house. It was done in close cooperation with scientists of Riga Technical University. The particular flue gas condenser has increased the efficiency of the aforementioned boiler house by 25% (usually it is 10...30% depending on the factors affecting, like humidity of bio-fuel, flue gas temperature, etc.) by using the thermal energy of the outgoing flue gas.

Barriers and Drivers  
The main driver was the availability of the funding from European Economic Area Financial Instrument. Also technical knowledge of RTU scientists was one of the most significant drivers.
In the meantime there were many unavoidable technical barriers with production of the condenser and also start up that were solved during the testing.

Environmental Performance
Condenser deliver 10-30% savings which is good basis for economic lifetime of the project and investment payback for biomass boiler houses. 

Social Performance
High efficiency of products, good design and comfort, along with contribution to a healthy environment.

Environmental Impact
Positive environmental benefits can be associated with:
(1) essentially optimized production processes due to application of the most progressive metallworking technologies;
(2) maximum energy efficiency during lifetime of equipment due to high manufacturing standarts;
(3) increased efficiency of boiler house due to installation of flue gas condenser.

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