PrimeComposite concrete floors

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Primekss PrimeComposit concrete floor material consist of very large amounts of fibers in a special concrete matrix enhanced by proprietary chemicals. New material is highly ductile yet with eliminated shrinkage. Due to great strength of the material no traditionally used steel reinforcement bars are necessary.

Concrete is strong under compression, but it is brittle under tension or flexion. The PrimeComposite technology developed by Primekss produces concrete that is so strong and tough that floors built using it are not only more durable, but are also economical to build, as the very tough concrete allows building of thinner floors.
Beside material economy, PrimeComposite technology has as well reduced environmental impact if compared with traditional floor decking technologies. The manufacture of used materials generates 30..50% less CO2 emissions than the industry norm for industrial floors. With concrete industry responsible for 5% of global CO2 emissions, the savings offered by PrimeComposite are very significant.
The innovative PrimeComposite floor material was created by combining the experience of the company since 1997 with the latest achievments in science and world-class equipment for precise installation and comprehensive quality control.

Economic Performance
PrimeComposite concrete technology has show a solid commercial success.

Social Performance
The cost of PrimeComposit system is competitive, offering significant savings in labor, material, time and planning, even without taking into account the elimination of almost all maintenance cost to the slab and handling equipment.

Environmental Impact
Reduced CO2 emissions.

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