Household waste used for construction of buildings at Szilplast Kft

pic_szilplast  Szilplast Kft has developed a technology in which household waste is used to produce sheets similar to wooden boards that serve as a construction material. The producer has designed small portable buildings using these sheets that might function as temporary homes primarily at areas affected by disasters.

Szilplast Kft, originally a plastic processing company has developed a technology in which household waste is used in the construction of buildings. The prototype of the portable building has been completed and currently mass production could be launched. The elements produced from waste are water proof, robust and resist to acids and alkalis. Due to ten years of research and development sheets similar to wooden boards were produced from household waste. The special machine constructed by Szilplast presses the waste at high temperatures, pellets the intermediate product and finally kneads the small particles with a special process forming the sheets with a size of 1 m3. A sheet is 2.5 cm thick with a weight of 25 kg. The machine can produce 2.2 tons of sheets on a daily basis. The producer has designed using these elements saddle-backed houses with an area of 20 m3, including a room, kitchen and toilet that can be placed anywhere with a crane car. These small portable buildings might serve as temporary homes primarily at areas affected by disasters such as flooding. When the situation has been resolved the building can be transported to a new location. The elements can also be applied for the strengthening of flood embankments.

Barriers and Drivers
The drivers were to improve the company image and to be able to enter a new market.

Economic Performance
The raw material of the production is in effect can be made available free of charge.

Social Performance
The operation of one equipment is estimated to generate 10-12 jobs.

Environmental Impact
The technology offers a practical solution to effective waste minimisation.

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