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The  electricity-powered vehicles are seen as a factor for sustainable urban development.They contribute to emission reduction .  The  electromobiles  will be priority in public procurement  in Bulgaria in the next years. As of 2014, all state institutions and municipalities in the country will purchase only electricity-powered service cars.

The electricity-powered automobiles of the Chinese carmaker Great Wall started to be produced  at the factory of Litex Motors near the town of Lovech.The factory occupies an area of 500 acres near Lovech and has a capacity of producing 50,000 cars a year in two shifts.Since the launch of the project nearly two years ago invested money without the value of the purchased land in Lovech village Bahovitsa amounted to 55 millions  BGN. It  remains to realize the second phase, which will close the full cycle of production and will be differentiated industrial zone in the region. The first series of electromobiles will  be ready  as of the  spring, 2012
There is a project for building  electromobile's charging infrastrcature in the main big cities in the country  Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna. The project will be financed with funding from the Kozluduy Energy Fund.

Barriers and Drivers

Main driving factors:
- Economic potential and opportunities for new employment in the region.

Economic Performance

The product is new to the  Bulgarian market and economic  side related information ( such as costs and profit) is not available. However,  it is clear that  there is a market for the product not only in the country but also in the EU and other neghbouring  countries. This is  because of the  recent  tendencies towards sustainable cities,  need for  polution  reduction  and search of alternatives to  limited  natural  resources, including  fuels.

Social Performance

Creation  of  opportunity  for new employment  in the area.High functionality of product, good design and comfort, along with contribiuting to a healthy environment.

Environmental Impact

Long term environmental impact is linked to the use of electric cars which do not produce emissions and noise while driving.

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