CityTraffic Management and Optimization System (CITMOS)

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CITMOS is a fully-integrated, open-platform, information software system that utilizes its analytical intelligence to manage and optimize city traffic.  In cities , where traffic inefficiencies and pollution are serious problems , CITMOS would optimize traffic volumes, ensure the efficient use of existing infrastructure and facilitate city planning and governance. This would further minimize congestion, reduce noise levels and unnecessary energy consumption, and lower emissions of CO2, nitrogen oxide and fine dust.

The CITMOS system consists of an intelligent data repository which collects live city traffic information from outside sources, analyzes it and transmits the finalized output to its end users telematically. CITMOS open-source platform integrates with almost all existing traffic systems such as traffic cameras, intersection stop lights, traffic flow and street parking sensors, output from city transportation GPS systems of taxis and buses , ERP business systems and law enforcement agencies. After collecting the live data, the system analyzes the information and formats the output for the endusers  in a ™review form.
The registered users can access CITMOS  front-end interface via smart phones, communication devices, guidance panels and personal computers. They can enter a starting point and a final destination. Upon receiving the user's input, the system returns a visual map of the most optimal route, step-by-step directions, the available parking spaces in the immediate area, and alternative transportation options. CITMOS is superior to existing GPS and traffic systems (which display only the shortest route) in its ability to receive and analyze live traffic conditions from many outside sources and provide the most optimal route and traffic-related services in accordance with those conditions.
The system's display interface is based on the popular Google Maps platform ensuring user familiarity and simplicity. The telematic datatransmission conducted through CITMOS are executed via GPRS. CITMOS can also utilize its own GPS devices to connect to a vehicle's on-board computer,perform diagnostics, and inform about its condition and position in realtime. In addition CITMOS offers smart street sensors solutions that provide precise, live parking and traffic flow status updates. This systematic eco-inovation  can further facilitate any city's parking enforcement and toll collection™efforts. It contibutes also to sustainable living policies of smart cities local governments.

Barriers and Drivers

The main driver is always society and City authority support for such initiative implementation. Overall increased interest in the sustainable urban living issues is another important driver for this particular project.
Major challenges for the project are its technical complexity and cost ,   and the severe competition  of  big international companies.

Economic Performance

The project  upon its implementation is expected to bring also considerable economic performance . It also  :
- Reduces costs of the expanding  traffic infrastructure
- Cuts costs of environmental protection
- Shortens travel times for users
- Minimizes traffic congestion
Beside this it carries  also :
- Low operating costs
- Higher reliability
- Better capacity utilization in parking areas and garages
- Comprehensive mobility solution
- Efficient decision-making

Social Performance

The project has a numbers of substantial social benefits as well. Bulgarian IT software business will  develop further  due to accumulated by the project huge international interest . New sustainable living philosophy (including green mobility, green zones, high eco-standards of living etc.) will gain more believers and supporters.

Environmental Impact

- It automatically lowers CO2 emissions by as much as 20%
- Lowers fuel consumption by as much as 20%
- Air pollution remains within legal limits
- Lowers emissions by shortening searches for parking spaces
- Saves fuel

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