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altClimaCheck is a Swedish cleantech company with a unique method for analysis of cooling and heating processes, with the objective of optimising the functionality and daily operations of heat pumps, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and systems. ClimaCheck’s proven solutions increase energy efficiency considerably, and often lead to energy savings of 10-40% - whilst also contributing to increased plant reliability, reduced equipment wear and lower operating expenses. The Swedish company ClimaCheck offers a new opportunity and perspective on energy optimisation in the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry.ClimaCheck offers total solutions for performance inspections, analysies and monitoring of heat pumps, air conditioning and cooling compressors. The ClimaCheck Method allows the user (such as property owner, contractor, service provider or manufacturer) to analyse and evaluate basically every type of cooling system  If a compressor or heat exchanger performance falls, refrigerant leaks, or if the equipment’s ”energy profile” changes adversely the system automatically sends an alarm. The appointed persons receive information via email or text messages and can immediately log in from a computer or a phone for detailed information about the problem.

ClimaCheck Performance Analyser Pro is used for documentation of all types of compressor powered cooling, freezing and air conditioning equipment and heat pumps.

The areas of use are many:

• Product and systems development – leading manufacturers of systems for cooling and heating use ClimaCheck’s solutions for quality assurance of products and solutions.

• Commisioning and inspections – when new equipment is being used for the first time or when the warrant period is coming to an end, ClimaCheck’s solutions provides assurance that equipment operates energy efficiently and with minimal risks of interruptions. ClimaCheck records performance according to new AMA requirements. • Performance inspections – according to EU directives, air conditioning aggregates over 12 kW must be inspected regularly regarding energy efficiency. Documentation with ClimaCheck provides qualitative support that easily fulfills the requirements.

• Energy optimisation – ClimaCheck provides qualitative information for decisions to make cooling equipment and heat pumps more energy efficient. The option to receive information over the internet makes it possible to use external help, in a cost-effective manner.

• Troubleshooting – by contributing to fast troubleshooting and remedy of errors, ClimaCheck minimizes the costs for energy consumption, wear and spent time.

• Preventive maintenance and service – ClimaCheck is used for temporary and permanent monitoring of cooling and heating systems. Predefined performance reports assure that the equipment operates as efficiently as possible. Barriers and Drivers

The competitive situation is favourable as ClimaCheck has a unique product that is addressing the requirement for optimisation and improved reliability. There is no other product on the market that can be connected cost effectively on site and document an unbiased performance e.g. without any input from system or component manufacturer.ClimaCheck has established their product as market leader in Europe and during 2010 gone through the process of certification for the North American market.

The challenge for ClimaCheck Sweden is to use the window of opportunity created by increased energy prices and environmental legislation in EU and on other markets to strengthen the position as world leader in field measurements of refrigeration processes. There is a widespread understanding of the need to change the prevailing practice to accept that everything is optimal as long as the specified temperature is achieved. Contractors have been focused on delivering specified hardware and performing repairs when requested to do so - not supplying energy efficient solutions for their customers. As the ClimaCheck method is still unknown on most markets efforts are required to introduce the method and train the industry to use it. The environmental benefits of the product has been acknowledged and ClimaCheck was recently (2011-10-19) named one of four Climate Solvers 2011 by WWF. Economic Performance To reduce energy consumption, a clear picture is needed of how the equipment/system is functioning. Accurate analysis and troubleshooting methods are the foundation for optimising operations and minimising disruption.

The ClimaCheck method provides an opportunity to measure the performance of cooling systems in a cost-effective manner. Refrigeration and air conditioning systems consume 15-20% of the world’s electricity, and the potential for savings is often 10-40%, with very small investment.Environmental Impact Air conditioning and refrigeration systems together consume 15-20% of the world’s electricity, contributing massively to global carbon dioxide emissions causing global warming.

These systems often consume 10-40% more energy than intended due to short-comings in installation, use, and maintenance. ClimaCheck’s solutions optimise the functionality of these systems.“Conservative estimates show that it is possible to cut CO2 emissions by 72 million tons per year in ten years just in air conditioning with proper tools that improve the efficiency of refrigerators and air conditioners.”  according to  Klas Berglöf, CEO, ClimaCheck.

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