Straw panels

altStraw panels are a product which allows using straw as a building material in an extremely easy way. Straw panel houses have all advantages of straw bale houses and append them with building speed, simple construction and perfect quality.

The position and aim of Ecococon is that the products and services of the company do not have any negative effect on the environment and human health. Only natural and organic materials are used in their products. Ecococon straw panels for walls are all natural: wood frame, straw as a thermal insulator, and clay plaster as a finish protecting against wind and fire.

The technology of placing the straw in a panel is unique and without analogues in the world.

Only the straw with the moisture up to 15% is used for producing stray panels.

When compacting the straw in a panel, the compression ratio of 10-120 kg/m3 and the multidirectional structure of the straw are maintained, which ensure higher thermal resistance of the straw panel.

A particular advantage of these panels is the speed of their assembly in a construction site. Depending on the level of preparation, the wall of the area of 100 m2 may be assembled by four persons in 1-2 days.

Barriers and Drivers

The main driver for Ecococon is production of clean and healthy products.

Economic Performance

Local renewable cost effective materials are used.

Social Performance

Completely healthy products that do not make any damage to human body, create perfect microclimate inside the house and are very easy to use.

Environmental Impact

Construction is much more natural and eco-friendly, it contributes to the mitigation of climate change.

Further Information

Picture source: Ecococon ©, 2011

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