Megamater, the alternative-driven race vehicle

Megameter, a vehicle developed by the Engineering and Automation Faculty (GAMF) of Kecskemét College running on bioethanol managed to win in October 2011 an international race on fuel efficiency in Cartagena, Spain .

Megameter, the vehicle developed by the Engineering and Automation Faculty (GAMF) of Kecskemét College managed to win an international race of alternative-driven vehicles in Cartagena, Spain. Alternative-driven vehicles arrived from five countries to compete in four categories in the race organised by the Energetics Office of Murcia Province. The race vehicle was running on bioethanol, having five times the performance of the vehicle achieving the second place in the race in the same category.

The vehicle was previously participating in various competitions exclusively in the petrol category. With 1 litre of petrol, the vehicle was able to cover 2,661 kms, which is the third best result in the world.

Prior to the race in Cartagena, the team of Kecskemét College has completed every possible modification - engine control, injection timing, mixing ratio and thermal insulation - to prepare the car to run on bioethanol.

The special carbon fiber body of the vehicle, the power source with a size of a battery of a cell phone and the light metal elements contributed to the success of the race vehicle.

Barriers and Drivers

The driver was for the most part the finacial support  for the new automotive institute of the collage.

Economic Performance

The research results of the project can be fed into technological developments targeting fuel efficiency of more traditional vehicles.

Social Performance

Information is not available.

Environmental Impact

The research results might contribute to future emission reductions through improved fuel economy of vehicles.

Further Information

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