The Ditalumen company's solartube is a global innovation technology based on the capture of day light through a hypereflective tube (Reflectivity 99.7%). The tube transports natural light indoors under all weather conditions illuminating dark spaces and replacing electric lighting. The daylight is captured by a transparent dome installed on the rooftop and is then reflected internally through the highly reflective tube.

The company's product Solartube is being mounted on the roof of the building and allows the transmission of natural daylight indoors, free from ultraviolet radiation, using a filter that is embedded in the dome. The installation is equiped with an innovative reflector, which provides approximately 99.7% reflectivity. It is placed in a direction aiming at absorbing even the most oblique rays, carrying more natural light from early morning until late afternoon.

The reflective tube ensures maximum transfer of light indoors while  the diffuser achieves uniform dispersion of natural light, while at the same time avoiding the introduction or loss of heat protection from ultraviolet radiation. The basic components of the installation are the following:

(i) The Dome, which is installed on the rooftop and helps to capture the daylight from any angle, independent of the moment of the day. It is made of a material which has a high resistance to environmental factors (sun, rain, hail, snow, frost) and a protective layer against UV.

(ii) The Ultra-reflective tube, featuring a spectral reflectivity of 99, 7%, which assists on the amplification of the daylight captured through the dome.

(iii) The Diffuser, which collects and reflects the sunrays that are captured by the perfectly transparent dome, having as result a uniform light independently of the weather conditions.

The length of the tube can be up to 12m while the light output barely decreases as the length of the tube increases.Depending on the diameter of the tube, the covered area can be from 6m to 12m. The system is designed to avert water infiltration (leak proof) or the ingress of dust, therefore it does not require any maintenance. In areas with severe winters, with high snow accumulation, the system can be installed higher in order to prevent snow accumulation on the dome.

Finally, the system provides high protection against UV rays, which are responsible for the color fading (photodegration) of carpets, furniture and clothes.

Barriers and Drivers

Market demand is the main driver of the eco-innovative technology. The product responds to the demand of the market for energy-efficient lighting solutions which can be widely implemented in both domestic and commercial buildings. Solartube is suitable for any type of roof and doesn’t make any damage to the structure.

A key barrier impeding the diffusion of the innovative application is the economic downturn, limiting the purchasing capacity of households in Greece.

Economic Performance

This lighting solution doesn’t require the consumption of electrical energy and additionally it has no maintenance costs. Compared to a traditional lighting system, the Solartube presents benefits such as: economic efficiency, no need for extra cost for changing the roof, doing repairing works οr painting the ceiling, no heat gain / loss, resulting in less use of airconditiong and central heating.

According to vialibilty assessments of the product, the breakeven point of the investment is reached in less than 3 years.

Moreover, the use of solartube in office buildings to provide high intensity and spectral uniform sunlight, improves the working environment, hence increases productivity.

Social Performance

The use of the Solartube protects people from the dangers of artificial lighting and the UV rays.

Wider diffusion of the technology to the market is expected to impact positively on employment in the construction sector.

Environmental Impact

By adopting natural lighting, the energy consumption of a building can be reduced up to 80%.

This system helps to protect the environment by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Further Information

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