BLUEdev Ltd is a start up company based in Patras, Greece, providing developing and consulting services for the implementation of value-added features in the microelectronics industry, serving both the domestic and international markets. The company is developing an end-to-end monitoring and control system which enables the use of “smart grid” technology enhanced by Artificial Intelligence, to link the management of electricity consumption in a target property with the grid, so that the most beneficial operation for both parties is achieved.

Energylog allows the user to access real-time information about the electrical consumption of his apartment or office.The system takes account of all the 'invisible' electricity consumption inside the target property, thus enabling the user to take appropriate action to save energy.

At the heart of the Home Smart Energy Monitoring system (HSEMS) is the Home Area Network Coordinator (HANC), a special networking device that coordinates the overall system. HANC is responsible for: Initializing the entire network, managing and securing the network and routing packets. The system constantly monitors electric, gas and water use and provides accurate consumption and carbon footprint information in real-time, from any web enabled device, from anywhere in the world. The system intelligence can send automatic notifications of leaks, excessive energy use or carbon emissions via email or text messaging, and can seamlessly communicate with home control systems.

The power measurement units that measure and control the electrical loads, log the measured data. A Data Server in the web holds the information on databases while at the same time allows 3D visualization of the monitored building and control of the devices in the system.

EnergyLog provides easy to use functions for energy saving, electrical appliances maangement, measurement of the temperature and of the current power, voltage, active power, reactive power, apparent power and the power factor.  

Barriers and Drivers

A key driver of the initiative is Market opportunity/demand: Green Growth policies providing incentives for households and businesses to use energy efficiency technologies, EC policy on smart grids, as well as the upcoming change in the electricity pricing regime encouraging energy saving at home, have improved the prospects of the smart energy applications market.

A key barrier impeding the diffusion of the innovative application is the economic downturn, limiting the purchasing capacity of households in Greece.

Economic Performance

The EnergyLog facilitates energy consumption savings, thus, a decrease in the energy service bills. Moreover, by monitoring the operation of electrical appliances, it encourages their proper maintenance, hence a longer life-span.

Social Performance

Although the eco-innovative technology mainly focuses on commercial use, the application also promotes social change, in terms of monitoring of energy consumption and strategically deciding about energy efficient electrical appliances.

Environmental Impact

The use of EnergyLog in households and other buidlings facilitates the reduction of energy consumption and consequently of GHG emissions. Measuring the ecological footprint of a property in real-time is a feature that reflects the environmental aspect of this technology. The application can additionally monitor each individual circuit, water line, and gas appliance. The system can also track other factors such as temperature/humidity, output from solar PV, performance of solar or geo-thermal water heating, and indoor air quality.

Further Information

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