Water purification system

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Treatment system by applying ultraviolet light optimizes water disinfection of the river Turia, improving color and taste of drinking water.

The treatment plant 'La Presa', which provides water to 900,000 people in Valencia and the Horta Nord, has a new system of treatment by applying ultraviolet light for disinfection of water from the River Turia and Júcar-channel Turia, improving color and taste of drinking water . Councilor for Environmental Quality, María Àngels Ramón-Llin presented the desinfection tool, and alters the DNA of microorganisms, which prevents their development.
Also she explained that the application of ultraviolet light in the treatment of drinking water has already been applied in the plant to treat a flow of 3,000 liters second.
With the launch of this application Valencia becomes a European and international reference in the field of water purification.
The installation of 'La Presa', is the largest of its kind in Spain, better than Barcelona that drinkable 2600 liters per second, and also improves the chances of other European plants such as Bonn or Milan.


•    High cost of the purification system.


•    High quality of water drinking.
•    It does not develop microorganisms.
•    Use efficient of water.
•    High technology system.

Economic Performance

Reduction of cost due to the plant provides water to 900,000 people valence of Turia river.

Social Performance

High quality of water in respond to health.

Environmental Impact

The treatment system through the application of ultraviolet light is more efficient in water use and management.

Further Information

References and sources: Infoagua. Tecnología y actualidad sobre el agua. Valencia instala uno de los mayores sistemas de Europa en potabilización del agua por ultravioleta


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