Valorcar´s main mission is to meet the challenges presented by European and National legislation on the End of Life Vehicle (ELV) management (EU Directive 2000/53/EC and Decree-Law no. 196/2003), by organizing and managing the reception, treatment and recovery of ELV and their respective components and materials, and promoting an improved environmental, economical and social performance of the ELV management activities in Portugal.

According to the Decree-Law no. 196/2003 Valorcar organizes and manages the reception, treatment and recovery of ELV. ELV last owners have to ensure the delivery of vehicles at a Reception Centre or at a Dismantler included in the Valorcar’s Reception/Treatment Network. This delivery is free of charge and ensures that the ELV will be treated in an environment friendly way. ELV last owners who deliver an ELV at an operator of the Reception/Treatment Network will receive a Certificate of Destruction, which is a compulsory measure by law. 

The main goals at Valorcar are:
- Organize a Reception/Treatment Network, where the ELV last owners may deliver their vehicles, free of charge. This Network should include a minimum of 29 Reception Centres or Dismantlers in the territory of Portugal Mainland by the 1st April 2007;
- Monitor the integrated system, particularly the ELV stream and the components and materials resulting from ELV treatment;
- Promote R&D of new dismantling methods and tools, shredder residue sorting technologies and recycling solutions for ELV materials;
- Promote public awareness and information about the adequate procedures for managing ELV, their components and materials.
The main vehicle manufacturers adhered to this initiative 

The existence of an European Directive and Portuguese Decree law works as strong drivers to the success of Valorcar. Furthermore, the fact that the major vehicle manufacturers are adherents to the Valorcar project. Also, the fact that associations of vehicles commerce, manufacturing and recycling are the owners of Valorcar.

Project only for Portugal, hence excluding internationalization

Economic Performance
Non profit private company

Social Performance
Stimulation of the recycling sector, Valorcar has 65 licensed recycling centers

Environmental Impact
In 2010 more than 26,000 tons of batteries were recycled and the European Union reference value for ELV was surpassed  

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