NEOBUILD: Innovation in eco-technologies for the construction sector

altNEOBUILD SA was created in May 2011 by the Council for Economic Development and Construction (CDEC), as a private sector initiative aiming at the promotion of Research, Development and Innovation in the sustainable construction sector. As the first pole of technological innovation in sustainable construction, NEOBUILD aims to become a platform to promote the emergence of innovative technology solutions for sustainable construction for SMEs, to contribute and manage their development, and support their implementation in Luxembourg. The initiative is supported by the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade.

NEOBUILD is the Technological Innovation pole for sustainable construction in Luxembourg. 

The three main activity domains of NEOBUILD SA are:
-  Economic Development. Technology Watch, information awareness, technology transfer for sustainable construction, development of new businesses and skills
- Innovation Pole. Innovation promotion, development and support of technological innovation projects, identification of R&D projects, identification of partners, and RTDI infrastructure
- Management platform for RTDI projects. Implementation of technological innovation projects on sustainable consstruction, identification and evaluation, financing and development, business and commercialisation models

Moreover, the pole's innovation areas aim to support and develop innovative solutions in the following competence areas: eco-materials (innovative applications, multi-functional elements, performance approaches, eco-design); eco-technologies (technical equipments, management flows); green ICTs; and conception, management and organisation (management and organisation know-how, global cost savings, certification, labelisation).

The currently financed pilot projects are:
- ENDOTHERM/ENDOVAC. Prefabricated concrete blocks with an integrated thermal isolant at high and very-high performance
- DECID. Foresight laboratory on the conception and construction of buildings at medium and long-term, grouping all relevant stakeholders of the sustainable construction sector in Luxembourg
- Sustainable Construction Label.  Development of a labelisation system for sustainable buildings. The objective is to develop a labelisation framework in Luxembourg in order to substitute for foreign labels that focus on the import of foreign technologies.
- Geothermal inverse activation of concrete foundations. Stockage and transfer of geothermal energy through probes in deep concrete foundations.
- Build Flow. Online management system for enterprises in the construction sector, notably SMEs -including workflow tools (price offers, invoices, databases, clients), and a website host for all participants.    

The pole aims to become the main contact point for industry partners and all stakeholders in the field of environmentally-sound sustainable construction in Luxembourg.

- The sustainable construction sector has a great potential in terms of technological innovation given the multiplicity of stakeholders involved, technical concepts, materials and equipment
- Private sector initiative.

- Young organisation that still needs to prove its usefulness and gain reputation in the national market

Further Information

Communiqué de Presse Neobuild (2011), "L'innovation éco-technologique dans le secteur de la construction", communiqué du 23 mai 2011

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