Arnold - Austrian electric cargo vehicle

Arnold is the first all-Austrian electric cargo vehicle. "Arnold " is to provide up to 50km/h and an incline of up to 35%, has fully charged with a range of 80 km and a maximum loading capacity of 800kg.

The idea for the electric trucks delivered the Viennese company GreenCart, the implementation is concerned, the i-Tec Styria GmbH is in charge of the implementation. According to CEO Michael Ritt the volume of orders for the final production of around three million euros. The first series will cover 200 Arnolds. The trucks will come into use especially in local communities, in the tourism sector or in industrial companies.

Barriers and Drivers

The vehicle is new to the market, thus barriers related to its application have not been identified yet.

Economic Performance

The Arnold with basic equipment costs less than 20,000 € without VAT, the Federation promotes the purchase with max. 5000 €. Up to 80 percent of the added value should be Austrian and almost exclusively from SME suppliers.

Social Performance

Flexible, affordable and ecological cargo mobility.

Environmental Impact

Immense emission reduction

Further Information

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picture source: i-tec Styria © 2011

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