Reuse of grey water by HBiO

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MBRGrey water has lower faecal load than waste water, but they cannot be considered clean water. Studies carried out in the United Kingdom and in Germany shows that grey water has 451mg/l of DBO5. This organic load should be reduced to prevent stagnant water becoming a source of microorganism activity, rotting and generating odours. HBio has designed a Membranes Biological Reactor (MBR) purification system, including equipment that provides nutrients whilst guaranteeing biological treatment. This system has been designed under two principles: Quality of the water supply and uninterrupted service.



  • High cost of the MBR purification system.
  • Cost of quality sensors required to check if the regenerated water is optimum for supply.


  • It guarantees water supply during restrictions period.
  • It does not generate odours and muddy waters.
  • Energy consumption is substantially reduced.


The HBiO system reduces water dumped in municipal sewage treatment plants by 50%. Furthermore it reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the purification and treatment process.

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