Biolan, Modular Architecture by AmetsLab

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AmetsLabAmetsLab Modular Architecture Eco-technological SL is a new technology based company set up in 2009 by MetrĂ³poli Foundation and Tecnalia after working together for several years on projects involving intelligent territories and energy efficiency in buildings. Its project, Biolan, puts forward a new way of building, aiming for zero energy, zero water and zero waste. Thus, AmetsLab specialises in high efficiency in buildings and low environmental impact in the areas of energy, water and waste. It has developed an industrialised and modular construction process.

Modular construction consists of three dimensional finished modules which are produced in a factory, transported to the constructions site in trucks and assembled in situ with minimum impact on the surrounding environment.



  • High cost and complexity of transporting modules.
  • Difficulties of changing the construction paradigm (architects, users, etc).


  • Less resource consumption.
  • Reduced lead time due to the industrialised and modular construction process.
  • Waste reduction because of modular construction process.


The building generates the energy it needs to work using renewable energies. Furthermore, it will minimise water consumption, reusing grey water and by an intelligent use of rain water. At the same time, it is optimising waste treatment during construction phases, life time and deconstruction.

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