BASF low consumption housing estate in Cerdanyola

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BASFIn October 2010,BASF came on the scene as the main sponsor of Sustainability and Retrofitting International Congress aiming to initiate a general debate on building sustainability and rehabilitation.

Besides classic raw materials, BASF offers a number of ready-to-use construction products such as tile adhesives, industry and sports flooring, Insulating System and Outside Finishing (EIFS)and many more. The low consumption housing project in Cerdanyola, Spain, part of a European programme, is being developed in three Europeans cities (Stuttgart, Turin and Cerdanyola). In this project, BASF has used materials that guarantee higher saving and efficiency energy in building 112 apartments in Cerdanyola, thorough a joint agreement with INCASOL(Catalonia’s public firm aiming to develop the following areas: soil production for services and economic activities, residential soil production for housing, state subsidized housing building and urban and historical heritage renovation).



  • Organisational problems with a large number of beneficiaries.


  • It uses ecological extruded polystyrene with:
  • More efficient use of energy because it absorbs radiation, reducing heat losses in the home.
  • Longer lasting due its resistance to humidity and compression.
  • Cost reduction as less material used.


This project contributes greatly to improving eco-efficiency measurements (it has exceeded current eco-efficiency requirements by 40%). Heat consumption has been reduced to 40kwhs/m2/year; it exceeds CTE (see Part 5) (Building Technical Code) requirements by 40%. It saves energy and reduces C02 emissions as a result of better energy efficiency, and increases the useful life of building components. Furthermore, it completely insulates the building with excellent results in all climates, both cold (during the winter) and hot (during the summer).

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