Probiogas by Investment Association of Agro Industries (Ainia)

biogasThe main aim of the Probiogasproject is to develop sustainable production systems using biogas in agro industrial environments, demonstrating their feasibility and fostering its promotion in Spain.

Spain aims to facilitate the development and consolidation of agro industrial biogas as a renewable energy source and demonstrate the capacity of the biogas plants in order to reduce CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases, as well as promoting agro industrial sustainable environments (agriculture, livestock and food industries).



  • High dependence on the cost of raw materials.
  • Problems of fluidity at low temperatures (below 0ÂșC).
  • It is incompatible with a number of plastics and natural rubber products.


  • Its production is renewable.
  • Improved combustion, which reduces visible smoke by 30% in the start up phase.
  • Any of its mixtures reduce emissions of CO2 and particulate and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. These reductions stand at around 15% for hydrocarbons, 18% for particulate matter, 10% for carbon monoxide and 45% for carbon dioxide.
  • Its combustion produces less harmful elements than traditional fuels thus reducing the chances of producing cancer.


It has developed sustainable production systems by using agro-industrial biogas in Spain. It provides environmental benefits (manure control, reduction of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, industrial organic waste management, etc). The use of heat produced in cogeneration and the possibility of recycling digestate as fertilizer are key elements in the new plant's economic feasibility.

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