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LedikoLEDIKO is a design and production company specialising in LED lighting. Its latest product is the intelligent and energy-saving CLEVEO LED street lamp, which is designed to be environmentally-friendly. Thanks to low electricity consumption, intelligent CLEVEO lamps allow for the lowering of energy bills. Low servicing costs are a source of additional savings, as the lamps can operate without maintenance for years. The lamps combine low energy consumption with the possibility of its power supply coming from solar panels, which makes them eco-innovative.


What is more, the materials used for CLEVEO’s production fulfil the requirements of Directive 2002/95/EC on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (the RoHS Directive). The whole lamp can also be recycled. Application of an intelligent, digital controller increases the product’s possibilities, as it lengthens its lifetime and allows for the adjustment of the lamp’s settings to the needs of a particular installation.


Installation of the CLEVEO lamp, which has a classic and practical construction design, is as easy as installation of a traditional street lamp. Its additional advantage is the possibility to configure its parameters in such a way that they are optimally adjusted to the requirements. The lamp’s relatively high colour rendering index, the “soft-start” function and even light distribution improve visibility and contribute to greater safety on roads. Compared with other LED lamps available on the market, CLEVEO has optimal light intensity distribution on roads thanks to the innovative optical system. It also decreases electricity consumption by up to 1/3 thanks to the in-built digital controller, provided that the lamp operates in the energy-saving mode 50% of its lighting time with brightness reduced to 35% of its standard.

A lack of understanding of this new lighting technology, as Poland is still shifting from traditional to energy-saving lamps, constitutes one of the main barriers for development. At the same time, this new type of lighting is relatively expensive, considering the limited funds, especially at the local level. Moreover, governmental administration does not exert pressure nor offers any incentives to utilise this considerable energy conservation potential. Nevertheless, EU pressure and the need to find savings in local governments and SMEs will have a positive impact on the development of the LED lamp market. Moreover, it is expected that more substantial financial support will be available for such solutions in the new 2014 – 2020 EU financial perspective.

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