ROVAPO – a zero discharge technology. PP-EKO, Sp. z o. o.

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rovapoThe PP-EKO company is an environmental engineering enterprise providing solutions in sewage and water treatment. It has developed an original “zero-discharge” technology called ROVAPO, which allows for the recovery of all water from sewage. 

Depending on the industry, the system allows to:

    • • obtain water with a conductivity of <10 mS (de-mineralised water), e.g. for galvanic industry;
    • • obtain deionised water of pharmaceutical quality;
    • • obtain water that can be reused in production processes;
direct a part of the water back to the biogas facility/plant.

In the galvanic industry, this technology allows the facility to achieve a high level of sewage treatment. Thanks to pre-treatment processes (oxidation, reduction, metal precipitation) followed by, e.g., coagulation, flocculation and sedimentation, heavy metals and cyanides are removed from the treated sewage. Pre-treated sewage undergoes desalination by means of multi-stage reverse osmosis or selective nanofiltration. After desalination in a membrane system, water may be additionally deionised (if necessary), which allows to obtain the water of conductivity below 1.0 uS/cm. ROVAPO enables a facility to recover over 98% of water from sewage (depending on the application) and minimise the volume of solid waste. Concentrated sludge from chemical treatment and salt concentrate from an evaporator, which contain around 50% dry matter, are the only types of waste left after the treatment process. Maximum high-quality water recovery and minimum waste generation constitute the basis of the “zero discharge” technology. Application of the software developed by PP-EKO allows for automation of the installation’s operation, regardless of the varying volume and composition of industrial sewage. What is more, the installation’s capacity remains constant.

ROVAPO technology has been designed to treat sewage generated in the galvanic industry. Nevertheless, it can be supplemented with components that allow this technology to be applied to other types of sewage. The technology has been chosen by Polish as well as foreign companies, e.g. WSK PZL Świdnik – closed water circle in a galvanisation plant, HISPANO SUIZA POLSKA – closed water circle in a plant producing aviation components (sewage from galvanisation and concentrated industrial sewage).

On the one hand, application of this solution is rather narrow, i.e. galvanic industry, which may limit its development. On the other, the process is highly effective, and it is possible to extend it onto other sewage types, which provides opportunities for popularising this technology.

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