A construction system of natural and renewable raw materials, the straw house

strawhouseThe certified straw house is a construction system of natural and renewable raw materials. The basic building material of the straw house is – as its name suggests – straw, more specifically straw bale. The wooden frame construction of the building ensures stability. The insulating grain straw bales are stuffed in between the bars of the wooden frame. Both sides of the straw wall is applied with at least 5-5 cm thick clay plaster to prevent fire and mechanical damage - in addition it has an important role in ensuring the air tightness and vapour permeability. The roofing and the windows of the straw house system have traditional design.

History of the company
CereDom Kft. has developed the straw house technology that is adapted to the Hungarian legal environment. The technical building permit for the technology was issued in year 2008 for CereDom.

Possible effects
The materials used come from the vicinity of the construction site and their production and processing does not require fossil energy, the environmental pressure arising from transportation is minimal. The waste generated during construction is bio-degradable. The straw houses have excellent physical properties. Their thermal insulation capacity is outstanding, their specific energy consumption is less than 50 kWh/m2 annually but applying usual technical solutions for passive houses it can be reduced to 15 kWh/m2. Due to the low energy consumption the straw houses are certified with A, A+ energy label. In addition the relative humidity is controlled naturally and is always close to the optimal.


  • High risk of entering a new market
  • Concerns of clients in relation of durability of the technology


  • Profits from commercialisation
  • Growing demand for energy efficient buildings

Further Information

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