Green Tourism industry - Green Luxury - COSTA NAVARINO: an example of material flow innovation

CostaNavarinoCosta Navarino Hotel located in the Greek region of Messinia, is a new prime destination in the Mediterranean, with a strong commitment to environmental responsibility. Material flow eco-innovation is linked with the comprehensive environmental management approach that the management of the hotel has committed to, going way beyond legislative obligations. More specifically, strict environmental protection guidelines and management principles have been applied with regard to: the building footprint (bioclimatic architecture); replanting of trees and plants that were removed during construction will be replanted; the use of self-sown plants adapted to local terrain and climatic conditions for landscaping; protection of important habitats including the loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta); the use of water that is naturally replaced; the usage of organic fertilizers; the implementation of integrated pest management; the use of a 22MW photovoltaic system and the installation of geothermal equipment for cooling and heating; the integrated solid and liquid waste management system based on waste reduction, reuse and recycling.
Possible effects: economic, social, environmental
Key effects of Costa Navarino’s operation include the economic growth of the area (through, among others, placing local products and producers at the top of the hotel’s supply chain); the promotion of the local culture by supporting a wide range of local groups, organizations, festivals and activities; the creation of employment locally (recruitment of staff is mainly from the local communities).

  • Regulation: The strict legislation regarding EIA screening in sensitive habitats and ecosystems was the leading incentive for the creation of this eco-friendly hotel, as Messinia is one of the regions with the highest biodiversity in Europe, both in terms of species and ecosystems.
  • Market demand: The combination of luxury services with environmental protection positions the hotel in a niche market.
  • Green ethics: Environmental measures far exceed legal obligations, while one of the primary aims of the new development was to create sustainable income in the remote rural villages of Messinia (birthplace of the owners).
  • Cost: Following strict environmental protection principles and management systems raises the construction and operation cost.
  • Knowledge: As Costa Navarino is a leader in luxury eco-conscious hotels, know-how was limited (and certainly not available in-house).

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