The Lacq integrated CCS project

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TotalThe French firm Total currently operates one of the 20 pilot CCS sites in the world. The project’s main ambitions are to demonstrate the technical feasibility and reliability of an integrated CO2 capture, transportation, injection and storage onshore scheme for steam production at a reduced scale (1/10th of future facilities); design and operate a 30MWth oxycombustion boiler for CO2 capture; and develop and apply geological storage qualification methodologies, monitoring and verification techniques on a real operational case to prepare future larger scale and long term storage projects.
Proving the safety and efficiency of CCS through the operation of such demonstration sites will play a key role in the diffusion of such technologies in the future. One of the main barriers to project development, as well as to the development of CCS technologies overall, are the low levels of public acceptance of such procedures. This particular project involved a series of public consultations and dialogues in order to raise awareness on potential benefits and threats brought about by the project.
CCS technologies are expected to play an important role in the reduction of GHG gases emitted into the atmosphere. In addition to efforts set in place to reduce the level of GHG emissions produced, an increasing number of foresight scenarios recognise the need of adopting such technologies in order to meet international GHG reduction objectives.

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