PD Ludrová biogas plant (CHP), Slovakia

PDThe biogas plant was built at the PD Ludrová agricultural cooperative near the small village of Liptovská Štiavnica (northern Slovakia). The farm focuses on livestock production and is one of the major producrs in the region.

Technical data:

Digester tanks – 2 x 1,000 m3

Electrical power – 2 x 95 kW

Material – manure, slurry, corn silage

Daily input – 90 m3

Fermentation time – 20 days

The biogas plant receives a daily 30 tons of material, complemented during the summer by grass silage and fresh grass. The daily input is 90 m3 of substrate, which contains 12 percent dry matter. The station has two towers (tanks), each with a volume of 1,000 m3. The biogas produced is used for the combined production of electricity and heat. Two cogeneration units have been installed, TEDOM Cento 100 SP BIO CON, supplied by INTECH Ltd. The electricity produced is primarily sold to the grid and the heat is used partly for substrate heating in the reactors and partly on the farm for various purposes (heat for milk processing, heating of rooms and office buildings). 

The main supplier of all the technologies was RUDOS Ružomberok.


The plant uses biological materials that could otherwise only be used as a natural fertiliser. In addition, it produces combined heat and electricity, a technology enforced in European legislation. The heat is used locally for biogas plant processes and for heating farm buildings, thus reducing the use of fossil fuels for heating. 

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