The first low-energy apartment building in Slovakia


Kuzmany street in Zvolen (central Slovakia).


Number of apartments: 44 (+ two offices)

Floor area: 4428.9 m2 

Construction completed: March 2009

Investor: EuroEcology, p. r. o., Bratislava

The first low-energy apartment building in Slovakia was constructed in Zvolen in 2009. It achieves annual heat energy consumption of 22 kWh/m2 which is almost passive house standard. State-of-the-art technology-based heat pumps save building residents up to 75 percent of the cost of heating and hot water, allowing them to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.

The heating system in the apartment building has a temperature gradient of 50/40°C, and the floor heating has a gradient of 38/32°C. The designed and implemented heating system is suitable for use with heat pumps as heat source, and the heat pump outlet temperature reaches 60°C.

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