Potential of wooden family houses

woodenhouseAlthough houses constructed using wooden frames are very common in many parts of Europe (especially Austria and Germany), they are now rare in Slovakia. Wood is a good, sustainable resource for the construction industry, especially in countries like Slovakia, where 42 percent of the territory is covered by forest. Multilayered (so-called sandwich construction) houses are appearing on the market, but demand for standard brick houses still prevails. According to pioneers in the sector, such as Profibuilding Ltd., demand for wooden houses is still low, even though these buildings are sustainable from many perspectives (construction material and low-energy operation). These houses feature excellent insulation, a high level of air-tightness, and the heat recovery of expelled air. They offer the same level of comfort as conventional housing and no extra efforts or adaptation are required on the part of residents.

History of the producer:

The construction company Profibuilding Ltd. uses advanced technologies and has worked in the sector since 2005.


There are five main advantages: solid construction; low energy demand; the use of easily recycled natural resources; precise and rapid construction; and affordability.


The construction company identified difficulties in bringing about changes in consumption patterns as the main barrier. Slovaks tend to be conservative and prefer using conventional materials (bricks and panels). The company also identified differences within the country itself, with most of the orders for such houses coming from western and southern Slovakia.

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