Trans-European Networks (TEN-T) – Bratislava

europeThe construction project Trans-European Networks (TEN-T) is based on the objective of promoting the free movement of persons and goods. In practice, the interconnection of all modes of contributes to economic ties, social cohesion, increased competitiveness and overall sustainable development. After relatively lengthy negotiations, the overall budget for these projects was reduced. Of the EUR 20 billion originally planned for the period 2007 to 2013, only slightly over ERU 8 billion were actually allocated. Of this, EUR 5.1 billion will go to support 30 priority projects, all of which are aimed at promoting cross-border cooperation in the EU. Bratislava is part of this project and the first stage of the construction has started. This type of project enhances sustainable transportation in the European corridor, while at the same time addressing transportation problems in the city of Bratislava, since it connects the main rail station, the airport and other train stations. The innovative aspect of this project is the fact that almost 90 percent of the tracks are below ground, potentially addressing the problem of growing levels of individual transportation.

As part of the Paris–Strasbourg–Stuttgart–Vienna–Bratislava railway axis, the project aims to facilitate the construction of optimum local and regional transport connections in and around Bratislava. The project includes carrying out the studies needed for tender preparation in three key areas:

  • connection between Bratislava's three main railway stations (Bratislava predmestie, Bratislava filiálka and Bratislava Petržalka);
  • direct connection from Bratislava airport to the existing railway network; and
  • the electrification of the railway track in the remaining section from Devínska Nová Ves (Austrian border) with Marcheg, Austria.

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