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AIDOThe Technological Centre AIDO has developed an outer powder coating which contains photocatalitic nano-particules allowing the powder coating to self-clean. Sunlight and humidity are required to cause decomposition and oxidation of organic material deposited on the painted surface, eliminating the accumulating dirt. This project is supported by the Science and Innovation Ministry and Regional Development European Fund (FEDER).

In 1982, botanist Wilhelm Barthlott from the University of Bonn in Germany discovered a naturally self-cleaning, water-repellent surface on lotus leaves. The secret lies in its waxy microstructures and nanostructures that, due to their contact angle with water, cause it to bead and roll away like mercury, gathering dirt as it goes. Barthlott patented his discovery, calling it the Lotus Effect. It has found commercial applications in products such as Lotusan bio-mimetic paint. In Spain, Beisser is a company located in Basque Country that sells Lotusan as a product.



  • Improper use of new technology.
  • Technology in embryonic phase.


  • Applications in different field (medicine, electronics, biology, etc), which can lead to converging technologies in these fields.


Powder coatings do not emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) during fabrication or after application. VOCs are substances which can be harmful to our health and for the environment. These types of paint favour sustainable development, because no solvent is required to dilute it, avoiding harmful gases and respecting the environment.

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