The Eco-Innovation Observatory provides a platform for the structured collection and analysis of an extensive range of eco-innovation information, gathered from across the European Union and key economic regions around the globe.

Interrogation of this unique database, combined with input from experts and practitioners in the field, will allow the development of unparalleled understanding of eco-innovation processes and developments over the past two decades and the determination of likely future trends for the next 20 years.

  • Collection and analysis of data on future market and technology trends, liaising with other initiatives at European and National levels
  • Foresight activities to gather expert opinions on key emerging eco-innovation fields and issues, and the potential impacts on future markets
  • Development of a European eco-innovation scoreboard, assessing indicators at country, sector and thematic levels to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Publication of an annual report on recent trends and emerging markets for eco-innovation
  • Thematic reports addressing specific technological and ‘horizontal’ issues, such as consumer acceptance and public procurement
  • Country reports presenting country-level data and trends
  • Provision of market and technology intelligence tailored for SMEs users, including trends in financing

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