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showerDecentralised water management - eco-efficient recycling of gray water (e.g. AquaCycle 2500, Pontos GmbH)

The shower and bath water is recycled in a patented bio-mechanical process without chemical additives. The result is hygienically clean process water. The gray water is purified in a multistep process, and sterilised by ultraviolet irradiation - a gentle, energy-saving manner. A fully automatised, closed recycling system with a patented cleaning process that works with low maintenance and operating costs and is weather-independent. The system AquaCycle 2500 can also be combined with a rain water system.



  • In Germany, the water supply is so large that water is generally not regarded as being scarce - there is no immediate pressure to act
  • There are no legislative incentives;  on the contrary, it is practiced in many municipalities to force the connection to and the use of the public water supply and management, so there is a massive incentive not to invest in decentralised wastewater treatment (UBA/BMU 2008)


  • Climate change will lead to greater fluctuations in rainfall and the increase of heavy rainfalls will lead to a reduction in the effectiveness of the central wastewater treatment
  • central water and wastewater infrastructures need more flexibility due to demographic and migration changes
  • cost-effective synergies between wastewater treatment and heating is possible (UBA/BMU 2008)

Sustainability effects

Shower and bath water that is consumed in residential buildings, hotels, swimming pools, or fitness centers can be recycled with a decentralised water management system so that it can be used for toilet flushing, cleaning or for irrigation of green spaces. To save even more heat energy, the system allows for recovering the residual heat of the gray water (such as from showering or bathing). By the end of 2010, a newly developed optional heat exchanger module will be provided. The resulting heat generated in the order of 10-15 kWh per cubic meter resulting gray water is supplied to the heat storage of the hot water heating or heating.

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