Eco Innovation in Practice

Are you curious about eco-innovation? Maybe you have heard the term, but are not quite sure what it means for you--as a consumer; a business owner; a policy maker. At the EIO we not only observe what types of eco-innovation are happening across the EU and which countries and sectors are the most eco-innovative, but also identify future opportunities.

We believe that eco-innovation represents a chance for companies to save costs and to expand to new markets, and that implementation of resource-saving eco-innovations at the company level could contribute to greater structural shifts towards sustainability in Europe

The EIO is collecting examples of good eco-innovation practice from across Europe and beyond and bringing them together in our online repository. Examples are gathered from across all the EIO deliverables and span a wide range of topics including information on successful enterprises, clusters, specific technologies and services.

Each example demonstrates how it is possible to introduce new or improved products and services to market while at the same time reducing the use of natural resources and the release of harmful substances.

This interactive search tool allows you to search repository by either country, sector or innovation area, or simply to click through to get an idea of what is happening across the EU and beyond. To help foster knowledge exchange amongst the EIO community, we encouraging you to comment on the studies, share your experience and to place your vote to select the most highly regarded innovations.

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