Marketing innovation – Waste flows turned into high quality fashion

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DesignGlobe Hope Ltd. has created a design concept by turning existing (waste) materials into individual design clothes, accessories and textiles, and thus reduces the use of resources. The production relies on sustainable development; hence the aim is to offer ecological and sustainable choices for consumers. Furthermore, the main goal is to design goods that are aesthetic, functional and innovative. The company was established in 2001 and the first collection was launched in 2003. (Globe Hope 2010; Sitra 2007a; 20.)

All the products are made of recycled materials such as hospital & army textiles, worker uniforms, advertisement banners, flags, recycled sails, seatbelts and vintage home textiles (e.g. sheets, curtains, and tablecloths) (Globe Hope 2010.) Globe Hope has managed to develop a green brand for markets by designing fashionable clothes and creating an appealing alternative for fast-paced textile industry with its disposable trends.



  • Dependency on the consumers’ will to recycle/ think green


  • Interest of the media on environmental issues
  • Increasing trend towards more environmentally-friendly attitudes and values

Sustainability effects

Globe Hope reduces material flows by turning waste into new raw materials by design byre-cutting, re-sewing, re-dying and printing. In addition, the production aims at industrial quantities in order to keep the production costs reasonable, which also enables reasonable prices of the end-products for consumers.

Furthermore, since the headquarters are close to the production facilities and factory outlet, also the emissions are kept as minimum as possible.


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