Material flow eco-innovation – Sustainable solution to reuse batteries and accumulators

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AkkuserWithin the past few years, AkkuSer Ltd. has created a profitable business from recycling batteries and accumulators used in wireless products, such as digital cameras, video cameras, mobile phones and computers. AkkuSer’s recycling method - Dry Technology - is unique in the world. The technology enables the sorting of recycling material into valuable metals suitable for raw material for the electronics industry, and their restoration for reuse. The method allows various new products to be made with the materials used in batteries without a need for chemicals, heat or incineration. (Cleantech Finland 2010; AkkuSer 2010.)

AkkuSer’s recycling plant is located in Nivala, Finland, and it is ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified. AkkuSer processes most of the rechargeable batteries and battery waste generated in Finland and Estonia, and half of the waste generated in Norway and Sweden. According to Jarmo Pudas, the Managing Director of AkkuSer, the initial driving force of their product development was the EU recycling directive, which came into effect in Finland in 2008. This directive obligated manufacturers to recycle all their batteries and accumulators, regardless of their shape, size, composition, or intended use. (Cleantech Finland 2010; AkkuSer 2010.)



  • Consumer-orientated business; dependency on people’s will to recycle
  • Lack of technology to e.g. recycle disposable alkaline batteries


  • Increasing demand of wireless devices and rechargeable batteries
  • The EU recycling directive

Sustainability effects

The Ministry of the Environment has estimated that 200,000 tons of batteries and accumulators enter the EU markets each year. Some of these batteries and accumulators contain significant quantities of mercury, cadmium, and lead. They also contain materials like zinc, copper, manganese, lithium and nickel. (AkkuSer 2010.)

AkkuSer Ltd. has a sufficient capacity to process and recycle all the batteries and accumulators collected in Finland. They process and restore them for reuse without loading the environment. Over 90% of the recycling material can be reused. No environmentally harmful carbon dioxide emissions or waste are generated during the recycling process. (AkkuSer 2010.)


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