(Water): Chlorine Free Swimming

SwimEco-innovation is not only about preserving the environment; it is also about creating better and healthier living conditions for the public. The company Skjoelstrup & Groenborg (Ultraaqua, 2011) has in partnership with other companies and experts developed a water cleaning technology for swimming pools, which removes organic pollutants so quickly and effective that it reduces the use of chlorine with more than 80%. This reduces the damaging chemicals chloroform and chloramines. Skjoelstrup & Groenborg have developed a filter, which can be cleaned much faster than traditional filters, and thereby reduce the need for adding chemicals to the water. In addition, it has been combined with a membrane filter that also increases the overall water quality. It took more than 10 years to develop this technology.


It is about 25% more expensive to invest in the new technology, but calculations show that in about 3 years the investment will be returned. The new filter not only saves chlorine and acid; it also reduces the costs for water and energy, and due to less maintenance staff costs are lower as well.

Sustainability effects

The new filter technology will make it more comfortable, healthy and environmentally sound to go swimming. For people suffering from allergies or asthma it will reduce irritations, and in general the water and chemical consumption will be reduced considerably, which will both have a positive influence on the water environment but also on mitigation of climate change, as much energy is used to pump, clean, and treat public water.

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