The recycling of plastics

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plastics-recycleIn the Czech Republic, the recycling of plastics is performed either from mixed plastics or sorted plastics, e.g. PET bottles, waste from the manufacture of plastics, etc.

Mixed plastic waste recycling is performed by Transform a.s. in Lázně Bohdaneč. They treat sorted plastics from communal waste. The waste is crushed, ground or in the case of film, agglomerated and mixed in suitable proportions to make a product of required properties. The pre-treated mixture is then used to produce glass blocks, flowerbed pavements, fence planks, cable gutters of various dimensions, transport pallets, boards, planks and various bar profiles.

These products are resistant to weather, have good mechanical properties, are not moisture-absorbent, are chemically inert, are lightweight and are fully recyclable.

czech2In the Czech Republic, the production of polyester grain fibres obtained through the processing of PET waste is performed by SILON s.r.o. in Planá nad Lužnicí. After the initial treatment, PET waste is partly melted and after the desired properties are achieved, it is jet-injected into a conditioning shaft where the material cools down. The next steps depend primarily on the requirements for the final product (polyester staple, PET strap, PET film, etc.). During the manufacture of polyester fibres (TESIL® polyester fibre), known especially for the production of clothing, the fibres are further stretched to a thickness suitable for use in the textile industry.


Barriers are separation of the PET basis from the mixed plastic waste

Drivers are low price of the raw waste

Sustainability effects

In 2008, TESIL® polyester fibre was awarded the European Union eco-label and the Environmentally Friendly Product label for textiles. Eco-labelling is a voluntary instrument for environmental protection.

Eco-labelled products are not only more environmentally friendly through all stages of their life, but are also healthier for consumers.

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