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SolarThermalPanelPanair Engineering Co Ltd is active in all the fields of mechanical installations, such as plumbing, air conditioning, central heating and swimming pools, including in the solar energy and energy saving sector. The company offers a complete set of energy saving solutions, based on the use of solar energy, such as solar thermal systems for domestic hot water, supplementary space heating, heating of swimming pools or any combination of the above. Such systems can be developed on small detached houses (maisonettes, villas) or large scale buildings (apartments, hotels).


The company offers an innovative heating system that connects to an external hot water source - based on solar energy. The produced energy from the collectors is being stored in the floor standing tanks of the system (ranging from 150 liters to 1000 liters). The solar system has its own two-line solar pump station, equipped with hydraulic components such as: solar thermal pump, pointer thermometers for feed flow and return flow, return flow line with ball valve and adjustable non-return valve, flowmeter with scale, security bracket with security valve and manometer, wall mounting and heat insulation for easy and compact installation. The guiding principle of water-based under-floor space heating is low-temperature heating, which results in reducing the energy consumption. One other advantage of under-floor heating is that the means of heating are not visible. Heating is distributed with the help of special polypropelen pipes and special insulated panels for miximing the output and minimizing the heating losses.


Barriers are

−         The cost of the system is relatively higher than other conventional thermal systems

Drivers are

−         Total operational cost of the heating system (considering energy savings) outperforms conventional heating systems

−         The government of Cyprus, in order to comply with the EU 20/20/20 targets, provides high subsidies for installing solar thermal systems that reach the 55% of the final cost of the system.

Sustainability effects

In the central plain and eastern lowlands in Cyprus the average number of hours of bright sunshine for the whole year is 75% of the time that the sun is above the horizon. The described heating system allows for the complete avoidance of the use of gas for house heating purposes, while the use of electricity for the same purpose is significantly reduced. In total, the system offers up to 30% energy consumption savings per year.

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