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AluMuskita Aluminium Industry was founded in 1958 and in 1964 it launched the first Anodising Plant in Cyprus. Its main activities are the production and treatment of aluminium profile by methods of extrusion, anodisation, electrostatic painting and aluminium thermal bridging. The company uses advanced environmental technology equipment, mainly with regard to energy saving.

The most important eco-innovation applied in the unit is the full recovery of heat from two fuel ovens of aluminium extrusion, to produce steam for the needs of plant, putting the steam boiler in reserve. Moreover, gases which were previously discharged into the atmosphere at a temperature of over 3000 oC, are now released at a temperature that is kept under 1200 oC. In order to reduce the fluoride emissions, during the electrostatic process exhaust from pots is captured by an advanced exhaust system and routed to be taken to gas treatment centres where alumina is injected into the gas stream and the fluoride is adsorbed by the alumina. This fluoride-enriched alumina is recovered and distributed to the electrolytic pots. Continuous monitors are used to measure the efficiency of gas treatment centres. These centres achieve an exhaust removal performance of over 99%. Furthermore, the addition of fluoride generates energy savings in the order of 50% since it allows for the electrolytic process to be operated at a temperature of approximately 960 oC.

1. Extrusion: Fully automated lines are in operation, with two compact presses of 2.2M Tons and 2.8M tons and an annual capacity of 22,000 tons of aluminum extrusions, using only primary raw materials.

2. Anodisation: The state of the art robotic anodising plant of 48,000 amperes offers any shade of silver, gold, bronze and anox grey, green and blue colours in semi mat and mat finishes and an annual Capacity of 10,000 tons. Both cold and hot sealing are available.

3. Electrostatic Painting: Four Powder Coating plants are operated, with an annual capacity that exceeds 20,000 tons: Two horizontal compact types for optimum color change flexibility, a conventional horizontal plant and a state of the art vertical plant.

4. Wood finishes

Five wood application plants are in operation. Muskita holds 3 patents for wood imitation finishing and offers an excess of 55 standard colors.


Barriers are

−      New product released in the market of Cyprus

−      People are conservative to any product which is not successfully tested and used for a certain period of time

Drivers are

−      Its products are used as raw materials by a range of aluminium professionals worldwide and are utilized in multiple sectors.

−      Significant flexibility of design options.

−      The cost of products is reasonable.

Sustainability effects

•     Free production of 6500-9500 kg steam/ day

•     Savings of 700kg oil / day

•     63% savings of fuel / year

•     Reduction of CO, CO2, NOx emissions

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