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MoveItThe EMAS Easy MOVE IT initiative proposes an EMAS cluster certification applied to a regional tourist product and service offer. The unique branded product at regional scale will be marketed as an attractive and competitive, ‘all inclusive’ to national and international customers in the “value based tourism sector”. The term ‘value based’ refers to a set of ethical, environmental or cultural preferences, which dictate the consumption patterns and attitudes of individuals and organizations. The focus aims at regional offers: one on health and well-being, the other on living history and culture. These groups consume services and products of all specific fields of economy of a destination, often connected to the alternative health sector, with bio products, traditional medicine on one side, and on landscapes, access to nature, slow food, healing traditions and cultural patrimony on the other side.

The initiative aims at creating an eco-innovative support mechanisms to lower transaction costs for EMAS implementation for stimulating SMEs and reducing the dependency of SMEs on external expertise; to coach pilot applications in a representative cross section of European countries and to develop model for replication in different cultural environments throughout Europe; as well as to integrate and expand sector specific labels (e.g. Ecolabel, Green Key, or Biohotel) into EMAS for the boost of EU wide application and the anticipation of EMAS III regulation abroad in tourist destinations.


TIME Foundation is registered non-governmental not-for-profit organization under the Bulgarian Law on NGOs. 1992 was the starting point for two projects on environmental protection in Bulgaria – Environmental Action Plan in Troyan and the Environmental Management Training Project, funded by the US government. During the following years, the projects’ coordinator Elena Petkova built a work team well aware of the characteristics and the problems of the natural environment in Bulgaria and capable of working continuously in the name of finding solutions to those problems. As a result, in the beginning of 1994 the team decided to establish a Bulgarian non-governmental and non-for-profit organization to work on issues related to sustainable development. It was decided that the organization be called “TIME”, abbreviation standing for ‘This Is My Environment’.

Sustainability effects

Coaching activities and methodologies for at least 12 clusters and 200 SME’s in 6 EU members states; new specific guidance and performance indicators available of the market; development of a new curricula for 30 regional development agents; and an online support and clustering SME’s.

Barriers are a high risk of entering a new market; concerns of SMEs in relation of effectiveness of the certificate.

Drivers are profits from increased level of clients trust; growing demand for certification of new and unique services

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