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BatteriesEcobattery AD is an organization for utilization of waste batteries and accumulators (WBA) and is holder of Resolution № 00p – 28 – 00/05.01.2009 issued by the Minister of Environment and Water. The objectives set with the founding of the organization for utilization of waste batteries and accumulators (WBA) include the construction of a network of sites for receiving and temporary storage of waste batteries and accumulators; creation of optimal logistic scheme for collection of WBA; environmentally friendly disposal of waste obtained after treatment of WBA; attraction of as many users and importers of batteries and accumulators as possible and achievement of their targets for recycling as members of the collective system of Ecobattery AD.

The organization allows producers and persons placing on the market batteries and accumulators to fulfil their obligations pursuant to the Waste Management Act for compliance with the requirements of art.11 and art.12. Also to achieve the objectives for recycling of WBA pursuant to art.13 of the Decree for placement on the market of batteries and accumulators and for treatment and transportation of waste by means of one well organized and efficient collective system. Ecobattery AD offers to municipalities a Framework Agreement for Separate Collection of Waste Batteries and Accumulators. Joint consultations on the specifics of separate collection systems are held followed by placement of containers for collection of waste batteries and accumulators on the territory of the respective municipality.

During the utilization of recycling of WBA strong informational and educational campaigns had been held. The organization regularly has campaigns and actions targeted at citizens to raise awareness of separate collection and utilization of waste batteries and accumulators. At present the utilization organization has signed agreements with more than 30 municipalities.


Barriers are small public awareness on the recycling issues; lack of information about the recycling process of the products.

Drivers are improvement of the environmental status while collecting and recycling materials; the advantages of entering a new market

Sustainable effects

All member companies have no right to allocate profits. The funds accumulated from the membership fees within the eco-battery initiative are invested in the establishment of a sustainable system for collection, primary treatment, utilization and/or recycling of waste batteries and accumulators. In 2008 the share of recycled batteries among all collected in 80%.

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