The Modular GreenSkin Eco-Roof

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The Brussels-based SME GreenSkin DVMH, has developed a new patented standardised smart Green Roof that is pre-assembled and ready to place. It is modular and customisable according to client's needs. The technology is based on the domino principle and is environmentally friendly thanks to its modular features that facilitate re-use and recycling. The modules are also built with components with low negative effects on the environment.

The technology integrates a floating floor, a Greenskin Box, and auto adjustable pads that are compatible with roof equipments such as photovoltaic cells and modules, automatic watering, roof terraced garden solutions etc. It gives the benefits of traditional roof garden systems, adding cost-effectiveness due to economies of scale from their modularity. Additionally, it provides clients with customised contractual services such as maintenance upgrade etc.

GreenSkin DVMH is member of the EcoBuild cluster in Brussels.


Barriers are early stages of implementation of the eco-innovation and life of the developer SME. Commercialisation of products through industrial partnerships; high market competition with traditional Roof-garden systems

      Drivers are the modularity aspects of the system attractive to the eco-building industry. Cheaper in comparison with traditional Roof garden systems thanks to economies of scale; growing demand of sustainable and eco-building

        Sustainability effects

        The GreenSkin technology is evolving towards the production of a range of modular products for the tertiary, industrial and institutional sectors, including extensive green roofs, intensive and biodiversity green roofs, and green facades.  Extensive green roofs are low cost, have a thin soil profile and are created for environmental or ecological reasons. They normally do not require much irrigation and routine maintenance, and are thus ideal for economical greening and large roof areas. Intensive Greenskin Roofs and biodiversity roofs are designed to replace the natural habitat of local wildlife by replicating an ecological environment.

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