Re-use of building materials by Gyproc

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altThe common application of building waste, such as crushed concrete and bricks, is as a foundation material for roads and motorways. Under pressure from the European legislation, building waste is increasingly being used as a secondary raw material for new building materials. Originated in 1957, Gyproc specialized in drywall systems & solutions for residential, non-residential and RMI markets.  As one of the first producers of building materials, Gyproc has successfully closed its materials cycle, moving from raw material to building material, and back to raw material.

The Gyproc Recycling programme includes the recycle of old sheets of plasterboard into plaster that can then be reused in the manufacture of new plasterboard. For this, three kinds of plaster waste are used: industrial production waste, waste from worksites and cutting operations, and waste from demolition operations at the end of the lifecycle". Due to advanced recycling technology all plaster building materials that end up as waste can be reprocessed into a primary raw material. This process can be repeated indefinitely, making it unique. Additionally, Gyproc recycles the condensed water released from the production.


Drivers are eco-image for the product and growing demand for it; legislative pressure: Gypsum can not simply be dumped because of risk of leaching; it should be sorted separately and is therefore suitable for recycling.

Barriers are cost and organization of the logistics related to collection of old plaster

Sustainability Effects

Production based on this kind of closed material system significantly reduces demand for raw material necessary for manufacturing plasterboard and produces almost no waste. Additionally there are environmental benefits associated with avoided extraction and transportation of raw materials.

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